Ruth T Naylor, PhD

Chartered Psychologist – Worldwide Happiness Consultant and Mental Health Well-Being Coach

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis 

“I’ve been twice to hypnotherapy with Dr Ruth.  I am much more confident.  I can study without feeling sick.  I can go to my exams.  I don’t forget things or feel like I am going to pass out and I’m able to concentrate!!”  AmandaH, 19, Student

In as few as two face to face sessions, learn to free yourself from destructive thoughts and emotions and limiting self beliefs.  We work together using what’s called Hypno-CBT®.  It’s an evidence-based combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Hypnosis that helps you rapidly identify your stuck points and discover from within yourself realistic and achievable happiness goals you’ll love!

We use a waking form of hypnosis that doesn’t put you under – so you remember what happens and you are in control of yourself. You will model positive processes and outcomes in your inner mind, and visualise becoming happier over time.  Be motivated, do your homework, feel better quickly at your own pace.