Ruth T Naylor, PhD

Chartered Psychologist – Worldwide Happiness Consultant and Mental Health Well-Being Coach

Brief Well-Being Therapies
psychotherapy, guided imaging, emotional freedom technique - we decide together what's best for you

We focus on next steps, asking  “what’s the problem – now?” and “what’s next?”.  Maybe you will want to tell me about what’s led up to the current situation, about your values and your mission in life, yet it doesn’t mean extensively analysing the past. It means building positively on all of you.

I often give tasks to do between meetings, like writing or drawing in a journal, or practising various relaxation techniques. That’s because these are scientifically proven to speed up positive change.

In addition to Brief Therapy and Autogenic Relaxation, there are many approaches we can take together. Which one depends on your needs, on what’s comfortable for you, and what you’d like to accomplish.


Emotional Freedom Technique can relieve stress and promote general relaxation, release and transform painful, uncomfortable or “negative” emotions like anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, and frustration, improve or even eliminate some types of physical discomfort or pain, heal the effects of emotional trauma whether you remember the incident or not, and whether the emotional trauma came from one event or many.  EFT can do more than this because it’s powerful.

If EFT is good enough for kids in classrooms, and for veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress, maybe it will help you as well.

Guided Imaging

This method of re-wiring memories was developed by William Redpath. He worked at The Arlington School, McLean Hospital (Harvard’s teaching hospital for mental health), for many years. I met Bill years after I worked at McLean, and in 2001 he told me about a method he developed that he calls Trauma Energetics

I instantly realised this was a form of somatosensory phenomena Autogenic Therapists document, EMDR, EFT, and other similar methods.

But with a twist. So I took the training from Bill in Dorking. England in 2001. The method is a form of guided imaging that helps us to literally see our own visual cortex in action.  We see what people would label as ‘hypnatogic’ images, which are abstract and which many of us see when we are falling asleep. When we look in a certain way, bits of memory which are held in the visual system ‘switch’, and profound healing can take place. Just as in Autogenics, the brain knows what needs re-wiring and presents it to us in a form which is non-traumatising.  

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