Ruth T Naylor, PhD

Chartered Psychologist – Worldwide Happiness Consultant and Mental Health Well-Being Coach

Teach Autogenics

Courses in evidence-based relaxation therapies

I’ve taught Social Workers, Counselors, Therapists and  Hypnotherapists to develop their own Autogenic Training practice.  Working with professionals, I tailor the course to meet British Autogenic Society’s Certificate of Competence and 20 CPD hours approved by the British Psychological Society.

Here’s what a few of my trainees have said about the course:

  • “I am at peace now, I am not irritated.  Things have changed.  Now that I am taking care of myself with autogenics practice, I can recognize better where my client is needing care.”
  • “The thing about the Intentional Expression of emotion exercises [IEs] is that there is time when a client’s emotional pressure builds, it is stuck, it is there building inside because it isn’t getting processed through. These cathartic IEs get things moving.”
  • “It’s like I have a different pair of glasses – I am able to be more neutral, more slowed down, and more toned down. Now I can step back from the stress.”
  • “I was attracted to Autogenic Therapy because it is not as focused or intense as EMDR, and because AT is easier for traumatised clients to tolerate.”  
  • “I am accepting things now, and at work I am able to stay unusually calm with my clients.  During a crisis on the job I am staying at peace.”
  • “Very informative, so practical!  This course has changed my life and my clinical practice for the better!”
  • “I can see how Autogenic Therapy could help a client uncover things they don’t realise they are fearful about – like right now if someone was coming for hypnosis – the AT process would be good to teach them before hypnosis.”
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